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Kingdom of The Clouds

Toy Box Adventure

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Kingdom of The Clouds

Toy Box Adventure

Little Fox Preview


Hi, my name is Amanda and I write fun books for kids.  I think children's books ought to be FREE so I am publishing some fun books for kids to read online for FREE.  I am working on several new childrens e-books now.  I will publish them on line soon.  My first children's book was titled "The Little Fox".  CLICK HERE to read the preview and the first nine chapters now.  I started it as a child myself and have finally finished chapter 9.  I am still working on chapter 10 and I hope that will be completed soon.  The summer I finished chapter 8, I had just enjoyed visiting Wyoming to see how foxes live in real life, nature is a wonder to behold.

My newest story is titled Kingdom of the Clouds. It is a family action and adventure short story and I hope you enjoy reading it!

Another new story is titled Toy Box Adventure. It is a short story about 5 toys who embark on a journey that changes their lives and many others too. I had a lot of fun writing this story and I hope you enjoy reading it!

Stop back in later to see my new work.  Writing books for children is really fun, and soon I plan to have MORE fun children's books for kids to read here for FREE!  I wrote some of them as a kid, so I also enjoyed reading them myself.  Wait till you see my new "Little Fox Toy", I'm still designing that now too, WOW - you will love it!  I hope to have it completed in time to make it available with the final chapter of The Little Fox story.

Have FUN ... Amanda :)







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